Release notes

Release: 5.9 - Version: 20211026-01
Version: 20211026-01
  • Article index for search recreated and optimized.
  • Comment index for search recreated and optimized
Version: 20211022-02
  • Correction in the article image on the detail pages. It is now displayed as an image and not as a background image.
  • Fixed error when activating e-mail.
  • When entering a new password, it is now displayed whether the new password is in the blacklist for bad passwords.
Version: 20211007-06
  • Fix an internal bug in comment editor.
  • Add sample to ITA Special
  • Change global CSS 'line-height' to 22px
Version: 20211005-08
  • internal: cache library renewed
  • internal: settings library renewed. Some settings need to be reset, sorry.
  • internal: change the global prefix
  • Error in logout fixed: You now land on the correct domain depending on the language.
  • Notifications migrated to the new framework.
  • Notifications revised and texts corrected.
  • Notifications completely translated into English.
  • Add 'Windows 11 Special' to homepage
  • Fix Comment and Content caching
Version: 20210928-01
  • Disbanded the very old '/aboutus/' section. It is now redirected to the FAQ overview.
  • Internal: Old scripts cleaned up.
Version: 20210927-11
  • Improved and corrected the recognition of the username using the @ sign in the texts. Email addresses and @ signs that are not users are now displayed correctly.
  • Added special issues to Magazine Overview and Magazine Teaser. Corrected the magazine editor. Update magazine detail page. Add 'Magazine' to main menu (german only).
  • CSS and logic errors in the newsletter corrected. The database was called too often unnecessarily.
Version: 20210916-11
  • All magazine pages were migrated to the new framework.
  • The Magazine database was migrated to ArangodDB.
  • Internal: A magazine editor has been added.
  • On the 'Latest' page, moved the English forum posts to the top (right side).
Version: 20210915-02
  • Register: E-mail addresses with a plus sign in the name are now possible.
  • Update ArangoDB to 3.8.1
  • remove some internal old libraries.
Version: 20210908-02
  • Migrated the 'Mail unsubscribe' function and page to the new framework and translated it completely.
  • Migrated the 'Mail activation' function and page to the new framework and translated it completely.
  • Revised our general error page (e.g. 404) again.
Version: 20210906-01
  • The site 'password forgotten' completely translated into English, redesigned and migrated to the new framework. The page got a new link call.
  • The site 'username forgotten' completely translated into English, redesigned and migrated to the new framework. The page got a new link call.
  • The corresponding mails now have the correct language format.
Version: 20210831-01
  • Revised our registry and migrated it to the new framework. Internal API calls updated for this.
Version: 20210827-05
  • Edit: Added an upload progress indicator to the featured image.
  • Detail: Change openGraph Preview Image if image teaser exists.
  • Bugfix: The creation date of the comments in the profile was wrong. The error is now fixed.
Version: 20210826-06
  • Reduced the general content width from 970 to 900 pixels. This makes the actual content easier to read.
  • You can now add a featured image to a post. For this purpose there is a new tab under 'Edit' or 'Add' (/edit) called 'Advanced'. Here you can select and edit a featured image by drag&drop or by upload selection. On the detail page this image will be displayed as the first image in full size. In addition, a preview image is generated for all overviews, which replaces the usual theme image. Especially when writing tutorials, an article image and the corresponding preview image can significantly enhance your own contribution. But also questions or other contributions become more beautiful or even more informative (depending on the image).
  • The maximum width of normal images in posts has been reduced to 90%. This way, images that are over 900 pixels in size don't look so bulky in the text.
  • The 'Edit/Add Post' and 'Edit/Add Job' views have been slightly revised and unified.
Version: 20210823-01
  • Fix mobile search
Version: 20210819-01
  • Fix some internal php var errors
Version: 20210818-04
  • SEO: Title and Meta on the 'Current' overview adjusted. When a tag is selected, the title and meta values of the respective tag are displayed.
  • Internal: Cleaned up in the autoloader
  • Improves the search in the job portal: if you simply enter the location without selecting anything specific, it tries to find the best match to the location.
Version: 20210814-03
  • Changed the database from MySQL to MariaDB for some functions that have not yet been converted to arangoDB.
  • Our complete virtual server was changed (from VMware to Proxmox KVM)
  • Updated from PHP 7.1 to PHP 7.4.
Version: 20210809-02
  • A few text changes in the welcome teaser.
  • Renamed the main menu 'Forum' to 'Latest'.
Version: 20210806-07
  • Update Snigel Javascripts
  • Some internal corrections.
  • On the home page, moved the 'Hotly Discussed' section to the right side.
  • On the detail page, changed the comments a bit in the CSS design. Goal: Less lines :-)
Version: 20210805-01
  • Fixed an error in uploading job logos.
Version: 20210730-04
  • Moderators can now mark a post as 'solved'.
  • ArangoDB upgraded to version 3.8.
Version: 20210728-01
  • From the home page, you can now scroll to more content (new 'MORE' button added).
  • Removed the old activities list (journal) from all pages (home page, profile and activities overview). Access numbers for activities were very low. It was a relic from very old times and is no longer needed from my point of view. We are welcome to discuss about it.
Version: 20210721-09
  • If the database is no longer connected or is being updated, a maintenance message will now appear.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug in the caching system. The cache now also works correctly on the English side.
  • Detail page: When selecting the 'Copy Permanent link' menu, the parmanent link of the comment is now copied to the clipboard and not called immediately.
Version: 20210716-03
  • Internal advertising post renamed Showcase
  • Showcase posts better marked in the overviews and on the details page as 'advertising'.
  • Showcase posts now have their own path: /showcase/
  • Comment: When adding images, added the English translation and a visible separator between the form and the list of images. Internally, the API changed.
Version: 20210715-04
  • SEO Magazine: Added the issue number and year to the page title.
  • BUGFIX Detail page: Corrected the date and time of creation and update of a post or comment.
  • Forum Overview: Added a new teaser with English forum posts on the German page.
  • Knowledge Overview: Added a new teaser with English knowledge articles on the German page.
  • Internal: We can now add advertising posts. These will be marked with 'Advertising'.
Version: 20210712-04
  • Added additional XSS checks.
Version: 20210708-10
  • Minor internal fixes when adding or editing comments.
  • RSS-Share: Updated to the English version.
  • The 'Jobs' section has been completely removed from the English version for the time being. We will add it back at a later date.
  • Detail page: The date and time of creation (post or comment) is now displayed (rather than the time remaining after creation).
  • Detail page: The UTC time is now displayed on the English pages.
Version: 20210706-08
  • SEO: Improved the Canonical url in the Forum section.
  • Detail page: Added the rating function (heart) also below the text.
  • Detail page: Added the rating, quote and comment function below the text as an icon.
  • Detail page: Minor design tweaks and a little less lines when adding a comment.
  • Detail page print: The print output adapted to the new menus.
Version: 20210705-03
  • BUGFIX PARSER: Fixed special case in URLs with round brackets. Some urls with brackets were not interpreted correctly.
  • BUGFIX PARSER: If you specified a URL in the URL praser in square brackets also in the title, there were previously display errors. These are now fixed.
  • BUGFIX: A DB error message appeared when saving the personal data in the profile. The error is now fixed.
  • Detail page: The comment overview can be switched on and off again on the detail page.
  • Detail page: To keep the comment overviews readable even when deleting comments, the basic comment structure is not changed. Therefore, the system now decides on its own whether a comment is deleted completely or only 'hidden' internally (previously, the moderators controlled this). From now on, sub-comments will no longer be automatically deleted as well.
Version: 20210630-03
  • Profile: In the profile, each article or comment now has the correct url, depending on the language. Alos German content, a German url, English content an English url. So we separate the languages in the profile better.
  • Profile: Adjusted the default language in the profile. For example, if you go to the page, by default you get all English content in the profile (and vice versa).
  • BUGFIX: Fixed tab index when adding or editing a comment.