Release notes

Release: 6.0 - Version: 20220629-06
Version: 20220629-06
  • Various optimizations in the DB (ticker, posts, views, tags)
  • DB Optimized: The ticker overview should be much faster now.
  • DB Optimized: Search and tag pages should be much faster now.
  • Posts that have been moved to the trash (but not yet completely deleted) no longer appear in the individual overviews and also no longer in the stream.
  • Comments that belong to posts that have been moved to the trash will no longer appear in the stream and comment overview.
Version: 20220628-02
  • Parser: Fixed a bug in the text praser for displaying colors. These were not always displayed correctly. Thanks to @aqui for the help.
  • SEO: User profiles that do not contain any content get a robots 'noindex' entry in the meta, so that Google does not scan these users. These cause 404 softerrors in the Google Search Console and are not scanned by Google anyway (but reported as errors). To prevent this, we take these users out of indexing until they have added more content (including the sitemaps).
Version: 20220624-03
  • Some old URLs still added as redirects. e.g. /forum/detail.php? etc.
  • The Lighttpd security setting has been updated: lighttpd now performs strict URL parsing and normalization on HTTP requests. This is a recommendation from the lighttpd team.
  • For the Lighttpd security setting some javascripts had to be adapted. If you get strange results when entering data, please notify us immediately. We have checked all forms, but sometimes errors appear only under certain conditions.
Version: 20220623-03
  • Article Edit: The maximum size of an upload in a post has been increased from 2 MB to 4 MB.
  • Comment Edit: The maximum size of an upload in a post has been increased from 2 MB to 4 MB.
  • In the main menu the items 'Ticker' and 'Knowledge' are swapped.
  • Renamed the 'Themes' item in the main menu to 'Tags'.
  • INTERN: Unified the url of all detail pages. I.e. they are no longer called via '/content/detail.php?id=3017822548', but only via their Seo optimized url. Example: /knowledge/http3-offiziell-als-standard-verabschiedet-3017822548.html
  • INTERN: The URL handling internally changed and unified: The individual URLs are now found via regular expression and internally assigned to the classes accordingly. Real files no longer exist. This makes the management of URLs much easier and you don't have to configure e.g. redirects from old URLs etc. in the web server anymore. If you find a URL that doesn't work anymore, please report it via PN.
  • INTERN: When editing 'posts' and 'comments' moved the corresponding Ajax calls to new simplified APIs. The output was changed from HTML to Json in the new APIs.
Version: 20220608-04
  • SEO: All detail pages are now only displayed within their respective language. I.e. if you call up a German article on the international page (.pro), you now get a 404 (and vice versa). Until now there was a redirect to the respective language. Unfortunately Google does not cope with the language mapping for the page.
  • SEO: Added some additional meta tags for Google to our framework (noindex, nofollow, nosnippet, noarchive etc.).
  • SEO: Some internal page (like member pages, internal messages, notifications, etc.) marked with 'noindex' so search engines won't index them accidentally.
  • Server switch to HTTP/2
Version: 20220531-03
  • Profile: The statistics in the profile extended by the post types.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed job counter error in statistics.
Version: 20220530-01
  • Fix a Bug from Safari Browsers. In the grid element, since the latest update to macOS 12.4 or iOS 15.5, the CSS minmax() function no longer works correctly if there is a second CSS grid within one. Then the elements jump back and forth. We were able to work around the bug.
Version: 20220527-03
  • Searchfield focus now also works under Safari browser
  • ALt+S (Windows) or Option+S (mac) now opens the search field for the global search.
  • When uploading from the user avatar and background image, improved the quality and process for checking the uploaded image.
  • BUGFIX: If a user was named '@user_name_xyz' within a text and then is no longer a member, only the UserID and not the original username will now appear in the text
  • Profile: The profile overview has been completely revised. On the start page you can now first see new comments (teaser) then the posts themselves in the design of the start page. In our view, this display is clearer than a stream. In addition, the search for posts is immediately visible and quickly accessible.
  • Profile: The stream view for the individual user has been removed from the profile again. This has no effect on the normal stream.
  • Profile: When clicking on the user level, a statistic of the user now appears. This is so far quite similar to the one on the left info page, but will be extended more and more over time.
  • Profile: When clicking on the user level, a first version of badges now appears for the users. These are badges that some users have achieved so far. Currently, there are not yet very many, but we will expand them constantly over time. The beginning is made in any case.
Version: 20220516-03
  • Put the welcome teaser on the right side.
  • Set the default time for 'Most commented' and 'Most called' to 1 month.
Version: 20220513-02
  • The side view of the profiles adapted to our current design.
Version: 20220512-03
  • Added the 'Series' feature. A series is a summary of several own posts to a self-defined topic. Siehe dazu FAQ: #40
Version: 20220511-01
  • SEO: 'hreflang' added to home page and overviews.
  • Opengraph Meta: language tag 'og:locale' added.
  • Opengraph Meta: language tag 'og:site_name' changed depending on language.
  • Meta: Tag 'application-name' changed depending on language.
  • Profile: The search result in the profile of the given user for the posts significantly improved. Previously, only the text was searched, but not the title. Now both fields are searched with weighting.
  • Changed the url for the permanent user profile: From '/userid/user_id' -> to: '/user/user_id'.
  • The url for the user profile now always stays with the scheme '/user/_user_name/' when linking. The urls no longer change to '/members/profil.php' (e.g. when sorting or searching). The page has been adjusted accordingly everywhere.
  • You can now enter the name of the user or their user ID in '/user/‚ path. The system will then automatically recognize the user using this information. Reminder: The user ID can be found in the info box on the right side of the user profile.
  • FIX: The profile and tags are now reloaded correctly after login (depending on login setting).
Version: 20220506-01
  • Details page: In the detail menus (the three dots on the right) added two new items: 'Copy internal and external post link'. The first item 'internal' copies the internal link with the scheme [content:xyz] to the clipboard, the second item 'external' copies the permanent URL to the clipboard. For users who link here many posts internally it is now easier to get to the internal link.
  • Comments detail page: Both of the above items have also been added to the respective comment menus for the individual comments (the three dots to the right of them). Internal: [content:content_id#comment_id], External: https://URL of the respective comment.
Version: 20220505-01
  • The length of a post title was limited to max 120 characters.
  • There were still a few messages when editing a post that were not yet translated correctly. These messages have now been translated.
  • In the overviews (homepage, etc.) to the icons still a hint added, what they mean.
  • Bugfix: When registering, the information ‚IT-Focus' and 'User group' were unfortunately stored incorrectly. The error is now fixed. However, the same selection under 'Settings' worked. So it could be that users who did not update this information after registration have wrong information in the field. Please check!
  • Some CSS improvements for mobile view.
Version: 20220428-03
  • For SEO reasons, we are abandoning the previous permanent URL '/contentid/_key'. The url will still work, but will no longer be displayed in the post under the submenu: Parmanent link or linked anywhere. If you call the URL, you will be redirected to the actual URL. In the end, the actual URL is also the permanent link. As long as the URL contains the post ID at the end, the link will always work, no matter what words are in the title.
  • If you now call the URL '/contentid/1234' you will be redirected to the complete URL. Example: /forum/this-is-the-post-1234.html
  • On the details page in the comment menus, renamed the 'Copy permanent link' menu to 'Copy comment link' and adjusted the URL according to the above measures.
Version: 20220426-03
  • Made the article image more visible under 'Edit post'.
Version: 20220425-03
  • New CSS cache system. The old one didn't work well with Google and Seo.
  • New javascript cache system. The old one didn't work well with Google and Seo.
Version: 20220422-08
  • FIX: In stream deleted user was displayed with their link and avatar. The error has now been fixed.
  • FIX: In stream deleted content or comments was displayed. The error has now been fixed.
  • Profiles: In the sidebar in the user profile the user ID info added. This is always needed.
Version: 20220421-03
  • FIX: Some api fix in profile.
  • FIX: In the international .pro version, German content was displayed again after the automatic reload of the stream. The error is now fixed.
  • Changed the avatar image for deleted users and deleted the dash through profile picture. The strike through profile picture looks like the comment or post behind it is of little value. But this is not true, even contributions from deleted users have a great value with us and can be actively discussed further. If a user is deleted, no name but a number appears.
Version: 20220420-01
  • Dashboard: The dashboard has been extended by the filter and the menu 'Showcase'. Here you can see your own Showcase posts.
  • Dashboard: The default setting for the language in the 'Dashboard' is now 'All'.
  • Moderators can now move commercial posts to the 'Showcase'. These will then no longer be displayed in the normal overviews. The showcase overview will be added in a few days.
  • Content: IMHO posts are now no longer shown in the Knowledge section, but under General or Forum Posts. Opinions != Knowledge.
  • Profile FIX: When renaming the username, the URL of the own profile was not updated correctly. This error is now fixed (incl. correction job for previous renames).
Version: 20220411-01
  • The user avatar image becomes mandatory to add posts.
Version: 20220408-03
  • SEO: Job detail pages coming from Stepstone and still using our intere URL structure (/job/xyz-123.html results from search engines) are now displayed as 404 page. With this we want to solve the error 'Indexed, although blocked by robots.txt file'. This error appears when the job page at Stepstone itself reports 404 and we still make a redirect to it.
  • SEO: robot.txt updated.
  • SEO: Google sitemaps updated.
  • Stream: If there is no comment, there is no longer a zero (0) in the title of posts.
  • Profile: By default, all content is now always displayed in the user profile, regardless of the language. The language selection remains of course available. If the title has a different language than the respective portal (de/pro), it is pointed out and linked correctly.
Version: 20220407-02
  • FIX: The caching system in the knowledge overview did not work properly when clicking on 'Next'. This error is now fixed.
Version: 20220406-05
  • Jobsearch: If a user used copy&paste to paste the post code or city name into the jobs edit page (and not via the selection), the coordinates for the radius search could not be determined correctly. This should work better now.
  • Correction of page titles and metatags for English language on pages: Ticker, Wissen and Login
  • SEO: To better identify English and German content, we now append the respective domain extension (de/pro) to the end of the HTML page title.
Version: 20220405-03
  • SEO: Job offers from Stepstone have now got their own URL. This means that they are no longer counted as part of our content. Google otherwise complains about redirects to 404 pages when the offer on Stepstone is no longer available.
  • SEO: robots.txt updated. We have decided to stop searching user profiles for now. Google gives a soft-404 error for this page on many old accounts.
  • Watchlist: If an error occurs in the watchlist (collection or array expected as operand to FOR loop; you provided a value of type 'object'), the database can now repair this error automatically. After that the user can use the watchlist again. This error occurred due to a faulty release only in less than 1% of the users. Sorry.
  • FIX: The cache system of the homepage did not work. The error has been fixed.
  • FIX: The cache system of the discover page did not work. The error has been fixed.
Version: 20220330-01
  • Users without a profile image will be redirected to the 'Profile image' setting with an appropriate notice after successful login.
Version: 20220329-03
  • Release 6.0
  • The overviews of the posts were changed and adapted to a community design. Thus, the avatar images will be more important in the future for a recognition of users and content.
  • The previous theme images will only be used for the TOP posts in the header of the page. We are preparing that 'tags' will completely replace our 'topics' in the next release (6.1) and you can assign multiple tags to a post.
  • The previous ‚Current' overview has been moved to the home page. The menu 'Current' has been removed from the main menu. I.e. we want to put the focus for our main overview back on the start page. In addition we will add a new pulldown menu so that you can find e.g. open posts directly from the start page.
  • A new overview 'Ticker' has been added - incl. main menu entry. Here you can find a quick overview of all new posts that have been posted during the day. It has similarities with the old ‚Current' overview but is much more compact.
  • A new search box has been added to the home page
  • The 'Search' at the top of the main menu has been reduced to an icon that opens or closes an additional input box when clicked.
  • In the main menu the 'Create Account' button has been added to create a new account faster.
  • On the detail pages, a new selection of posts by the author has been added under the post.
  • On the detail pages, a selection with a new design for 'Hotly Discussed' has been added under the post.
  • All side-page information and lists got an updated design (right content column). This makes it easier to recognize the additional content.
  • The overview of knowledge posts was adjusted and a top knowledge teaser was added
  • Many CSS, HTML and JS changes and fixes were made.
  • The topic info 'Topic Trends' on the home page has a new design.
Version: 20220315-01
  • Fix: When a user was deleted, there were problems here and there with the display of the username on the detail pages. This also applies to the avatar image. This error is now fixed.
  • Fix: In MySQL DB there was an INT overflow in the notifications. This error is now fixed.
  • Fix: There was a date problem on the international page when a post was set from 'Draft' to 'Published'. This error is now fixed.
Version: 20220304-02
  • Fix: Problems with slash and quotation marks in the password have been fixed.
Version: 20220228-01
  • Fix: Some HTML meta entries were not yet translated correctly. We have corrected that now.
  • Fix: In the 'Forgot password' form, only the lowercase username was recognized so far. User names with upper and lower case were not found correctly. The error is now fixed.
  • Seo Fix: 'canonical' URL removed from error page.
  • Fix: If a user is not found or has terminated membership, the correct page header: 404 is now delivered.
  • Add RFC 2822 datetime to to the error page.
  • Add a new 'archive' overview to moderator reports (last 100 reports). This should provide more transparency among the messages.
  • Migrated the database for all reporting functions to ArangoDB.