Release notes

Release: 5.9 - Version: 20210721-09
Version: 20210721-09
  • If the database is no longer connected or is being updated, a maintenance message will now appear.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug in the caching system. The cache now also works correctly on the English side.
  • Detail page: When selecting the 'Copy Permanent link' menu, the parmanent link of the comment is now copied to the clipboard and not called immediately.
Version: 20210716-03
  • Internal advertising post renamed Showcase
  • Showcase posts better marked in the overviews and on the details page as 'advertising'.
  • Showcase posts now have their own path: /showcase/
  • Comment: When adding images, added the English translation and a visible separator between the form and the list of images. Internally, the API changed.
Version: 20210715-04
  • SEO Magazine: Added the issue number and year to the page title.
  • BUGFIX Detail page: Corrected the date and time of creation and update of a post or comment.
  • Forum Overview: Added a new teaser with English forum posts on the German page.
  • Knowledge Overview: Added a new teaser with English knowledge articles on the German page.
  • Internal: We can now add advertising posts. These will be marked with 'Advertising'.
Version: 20210712-04
  • Added additional XSS checks.
Version: 20210708-10
  • Minor internal fixes when adding or editing comments.
  • RSS-Share: Updated to the English version.
  • The 'Jobs' section has been completely removed from the English version for the time being. We will add it back at a later date.
  • Detail page: The date and time of creation (post or comment) is now displayed (rather than the time remaining after creation).
  • Detail page: The UTC time is now displayed on the English pages.
Version: 20210706-08
  • SEO: Improved the Canonical url in the Forum section.
  • Detail page: Added the rating function (heart) also below the text.
  • Detail page: Added the rating, quote and comment function below the text as an icon.
  • Detail page: Minor design tweaks and a little less lines when adding a comment.
  • Detail page print: The print output adapted to the new menus.
Version: 20210705-03
  • BUGFIX PARSER: Fixed special case in URLs with round brackets. Some urls with brackets were not interpreted correctly.
  • BUGFIX PARSER: If you specified a URL in the URL praser in square brackets also in the title, there were previously display errors. These are now fixed.
  • BUGFIX: A DB error message appeared when saving the personal data in the profile. The error is now fixed.
  • Detail page: The comment overview can be switched on and off again on the detail page.
  • Detail page: To keep the comment overviews readable even when deleting comments, the basic comment structure is not changed. Therefore, the system now decides on its own whether a comment is deleted completely or only 'hidden' internally (previously, the moderators controlled this). From now on, sub-comments will no longer be automatically deleted as well.
Version: 20210630-03
  • Profile: In the profile, each article or comment now has the correct url, depending on the language. Alos German content, a German url, English content an English url. So we separate the languages in the profile better.
  • Profile: Adjusted the default language in the profile. For example, if you go to the page, by default you get all English content in the profile (and vice versa).
  • BUGFIX: Fixed tab index when adding or editing a comment.
Version: 20210629-04
  • For moderators, the number of sent mails is no longer counted. Normal users still have a limit per consecutive messages. So that no spam mails are sent.
  • For the webmaster a small statistic added to the moderator area.
  • BUGFIX: When an article was in draft, new articles could not be added. This now works again.
  • PARSER: [[toc]] also translated into english.
Version: 20210628-10
  • The knowledge overview now has its own search field and search.
  • Removed the teaser box 'Knowledge in trend' on the knowledge overview. This content can now be found under 'Top Knowledge' on the right side.
  • BUGFIX: If there are no comments on an article, no additional ad banner will be displayed anymore.
  • Home page: Moved the teaser 'Hotly debated' from the right column to the center.
  • Home page: Moved the 'New knowledge posts' teaser from the center to the right column.
  • Home page: Removed the teaser 'Hottest' in the middle column.
  • Detail page: It is now redirected to the respective language of the page. I.e. if you call up a German article on the English page, you will be redirected to the German page and vice versa. Thus we separate the languages better from each other.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an error when editing an article with quotation marks.
Version: 20210627-04
  • Javascript Fix for quoting on iOS.
  • Security Fix in forum search
Version: 20210626-05
  • The new comment form is now online. From now on there is no 'comment' button under each comment but only a comment form at the end.
  • For each comment there is now a quote icon and a suob menu. One menu that jumps into the form immediately after the quote (focus) and one that only copies the content into the form but does not jump into the form (if you want to insert more quotes).
  • If you select a text and click on the quote icon in the comment form, only the selected text is quoted (without considering our formatting). Without selection the original text will be quoted. Let's see if this is understood.
  • The icons and menus for 'Share' and 'Mark Solved' have been updated on the details page.
  • If you click on 'Comment' on the details page, it will automatically jump to the comment form below the article.
  • If the language of the article does not match the language of the interface, the system suggests switching to the respective language. You can only reply in the respective language (the interface decides).
  • Fixed an error on the job details page: The company logos were saved incorrectly.
  • Added the new Windows 11 section under Tags.
Version: 20210623-02
  • SEO: Added 'New forum posts' section on the right side of the knowledge overview. With this we have a cross link between forum and knowledge.
  • CSS corrections on the post page
  • The post type 'Opinions (IMHO)' for now set to 'internal'. I.e. currently only moderators can use or change this post type. We first have to clarify internally what will happen in the future with this type of articles and whether we want to continue to use them. Existing articles are not affected, you just can't post a new one.
Version: 20210622-10
  • We have renamed 'Blogs' back to 'Knowledge'. After user feedback, the term fits better to the knowledge posts.
  • Set a new index for some DB tables, which is faster.
  • SEARCH: In the articel search, the time periods for narrowing down have been extended by 1,3,6 and 9 months.
  • BUGFIX: Some moderator comments were not updated properly or were deleted. The error is now fixed.
  • The teasers on the home page, knowledge page and detail page can now be clicked throughout (whether title, preview text, image, etc). Clicking on the teaser image now takes you directly to the article and not to the topic. Since knowledge posts can have their own teaser images in the future, linking to a topic at this point no longer makes sense.
Version: 20210621-16
  • BUGFIX: In the notification mail, the headlines and links of the articles or comments are displayed correctly again.
  • The forum overview better optimized for mobile devices.
  • BUGFIX: The CSS files were not generated correctly and an error message appeared. The error is now fixed.
  • Some of the new iPadOS versions are now also recognized as client OS. Apple has changed the browser string so that the desktop pages are also delivered as default for iPad and not the mobile versions of the pages.
  • BUGFIX: In the mobile version, images smaller than 410 pixels were not displayed correctly on the details page or adapted to the size of the browser.. The error is now fixed.
Version: 20210619-10
  • PROFIL: Die Standard-Sortierung auf 'Nach Erstellung' gesetzt.
  • BUGFIX: The display error under 'Activities ' has been fixed.
  • BUGFIX: The misrepresentation of the username in the notifications for new content of the own connections, has been fixed.
  • Detailpage: The star for 'Like' again replaced by a heart.
  • Detailpage: Added the 'Permanent Link' menu item to the comments menu.
Version: 20210618-36
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an error when checking the title when editing an article.
  • Added an additional comment box at the end of the details page. This should make it easier to attach a new comment to the actual article (this is first draft and may change later).
  • BUGFIX: When editing an article, the language selection was not saved.
  • BUGFIX: The cache system sometimes did not consider the language. The bug is fixed now.
  • BUGFIX: Some urls like '/knowledge/xyz-000.html' had stopped working. The bug is fixed now.
  • TOPICS: Simplified the names of the topics on the topic overview and removed the /t/ in the name. Also, the links were adjusted so that unnecessary redirects do not stattfinen (SEO measure).
  • MODERATORS: Editing and deleting comments did not work. The error is fixed.
  • MODERATORS: In messages, the smileys icons were displayed much too large. The error is fixed.
  • COMMENTS: Changed comments in articles back to flat view. Seems to be more suitable for our discussions. This is not quite the final version, but you can again immediately see which comments are new.
  • COMMENTS: Removed the old comment summary above the comments. I think we should do away with it, because it only confused users, as their comments were displayed in different positions than later in the flat list. Let's follow this approach.
  • COMMENTS: If the author of an article is the same as the author of the comment, it has a light green background again. So you can quickly see that it is the thread owner.
  • DETAILPAGE: Added a link in the comment title line with the number of comments to jump to the latest comment.
Version: 20210616-04
  • Watchlist: Migrated internal the watchlist page to the new framework.
  • Watchlist: Since the watchlist database has not been converted to ArangoDB yet, the sorting by title, update and by topics is currently missing. We will add these sortings a little later.
  • Watchlist: Articles that have been deleted are now no longer displayed in the watchlist.
  • The forum overview has been extended with topic filters. You can now filter the forum posts by topics.
  • The forum overview has been extended by the tab 'Blog posts'.
  • Search: The search for articles works again! We have completely reimplemented it and integrated it deeper into the forum area. Also the search result is displayed in a different way. We hope you like it.
  • Search: The search now works with various filters. These include: Topic, Period, Resolved and Unresolved articles, as well as Knowledge articles (which have been renamed Blogs). This allows you to search the topics directly for the first time.
  • The 'Knowledge' section has been renamed to 'Blogs'. We think that this description fits better to the kind of articles. In the future, we will only distinguish between forum posts and blog posts.
  • If you open a topic with /t/themaxyz, the forum view will be opened from now on. We think it is clearer.
  • The 'Themes' main menu is now no longer a pulldown, but calls the theme overview immediately. We think that makes the operation more consistent.
  • From now on, the English or German page only displays content in their main languages. Only in the profile and in the journal both languages are displayed mixed. In the profile you can select the languages. The journal is not yet changed and cannot distinguish between the languages. We will change this later. The multi-language feature will be added later.
  • The 'articles' database has been successfully migrated to ArangoDB and all queries have been updated.
  • The 'Comment' database has been successfully migrated to ArangoDB and all queries have been updated.
  • All old link articles have been transformed to the article type 'General'. Therefore they are counted with the articles from now on and can also be edited as articles. The post type 'Link' has been completely removed from all lists and overviews. rip.
  • Profile: The personal profiles get the same kind of overview as the forum or the topics. So the overviews are now consistent.
  • Profile: In the personal profiles, the number of views of the respective article is now also displayed and you can sort by it. If you always wanted to see which article has been viewed the most, you can find it here :-).
  • Profile: You can now search for articles or comments of the respective user in the profile.
  • The old and no longer linked stream view has finally been disabled. The /stream/ url now redirects to the /journal/ (in the main menu under activities).
  • Dashboard: The Dashbaord overview extended with a language selection.
  • Dashboard: Revised the dashboard 'Activities' overview and fixed bugs in the pulldown menus.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard has been completely translated into English and now has a selection for the language of the articles.
  • Comment overview: The comment overview has been revised and gets a similar style as the forum overview. In addition, a short text beginning of the respective comment is displayed.
  • Comment overview: The comments of the last 30 days are now displayed (previously 7 days).
  • Comment overview: The comment overview now has a Search. Here you can search all 2 million comments in a few milliseconds. Later this search will be added to the dashboard, so that you can search your own comments.
  • Add Comment: To prevent users from posting unnecessarily many lines of log files or similar, a comment may not have more than 500 lines from now on.
  • Details page: Own comments may now also be marked as 'Contributed to solution'. However, the own solutions are not taken into account for the administrator points.
  • Details page: The upload size of the images for the articles and comments increased to max 2 MB (previously max 1BM).
  • Details page: The rating of comments has changed: Rating now works without reloading the page and a star icon is used instead of a heart (my wife liked it better ;-). Also the position of the rating has moved from 'below the comment' to 'right above the comment'. Just try it out.
  • Details page: Every comment now has a pulldown menu on the right margin when logged in. This menu allows you to perform various actions. If you are the author of the comment, you will find the edit or delete menu and you can mark or unmark the comment as a solution.
  • Details page: The new comment menu now includes a menu where you can mark the comment as 'Not Helpful'. This helps the moderators to find comments that are not helpful more quickly, in addition to the normal messages. This marking has no effect on our scoring system.
  • Details page: The detail page has been completely translated into English.
  • Details page: New arrangement of counters on the top right of the article: read, comments and rating.
  • Details page: Ratings of the article are now saved in real time and without reloading the page. The article and comment are rated separately and no longer added together.
  • Details page: The menu for the article has been moved to the upper right side (just click on the 3 dots).
  • Details page: The 'Solution' markers (buttons and info) have been updated. Share' has got a new icon.
  • Details page: The printed version of the page is now controlled by @media print CSS.
  • Details page: from now on you can add comments only in the respective language. I.e.: If one is e.g. on the German side and calls an English article, then one is requested to change to the English side. Only then you can comment again.
  • The scoreboard has been renamed to Highscore. The new highscore page has been completely redesigned and the view has been extended to month and year. In addition, there is now also the possibility to view the previous years (archive selection under the highscore list). This is only the first revision, later the Admininstrator points will be the basis for the calculation of the highscore.
  • The scoreboard now displays the results in real time. No more script is needed to create the data :-)
  • The Administrator Technology home page has been updated.
  • BUGFIX: Journal: Only those activities are displayed where the respective article, user or comment has not been deleted.
  • BUGFIX: [[toc]] works everywhere again
  • BUGFIX: Images in quotes work again
Version: 20210413-05
  • Parser: In the praser, the 'line' element (created by 4 dashes ----) has been revised and the distances or returns to it are displayed correctly (new regex).
  • Parser: The Toc-ID (ID for the automatically generated table of contents) was set too often and could therefore be found several times in the source code. The error is now fixed and only one Toc-ID is displayed per page.
  • Parser: Fixed HTML error in the smileys.
Version: 20210410-01
  • Microsoft's channel9 videos work again on the detail pages. The display error is fixed.
  • Internal: Migrated the overview 'Recent articles (last 90 days)' under /content/ to our new framework (incl. English version).
Version: 20210409-05
  • Internal: Migrated our release notes to the new framework.
  • Internal: Migrated our profil page to the new framework.
  • Took out the canonical URL from the error pages. This apparently confuses the search engines. Bing notes that.
Version: 20210408-08
  • Various CSS fixes for the profile and RSS view.
  • If the plus sign was set in the header text formatting but there was no header, an empty HTML header was created. The error is fixed now.
  • The headers in the text formatting have been renumbered internally. The title of an article is always automatically the h1 header. Therefore all further headers are incremented by one. In the article, the first header (one plus sign) then starts at h2. The second header (two plus signs) then starts at h3 and so on. So our pages have a correct header structure again. Use the header formatting for your headlines!
  • To make the source code of an article more readable in the editor, we have reduced the automatic spacing of header headings and code blocks. I.e. if you want to have a distance between the elements, you can control this yourself with Return. Possl is an adjustment of existing articles necessary, so that the distances are correct again. I think, in the long run, that it is better if the user controls the spacing in his article himself. It also makes the text in the editor by the return spacing much more readable.
  • The automatically generated table of contents via [[toc]] has been revised and visually improved.
  • Updated the rights management for moderators. Moderators are now no longer limited to individual topic tags. They can edit all articles and comments in all topic tags.
  • Profile view: moderators info updated.
  • Internal: Complete user rights management replaced. Unfortunately, I had to adapt every file that has to do with rights management. I hope I did not make any mistakes. If something does not work as it should, please send an internal message. Thanks!
  • Fixed scrolling error in custom select boxes.
Version: 20210407-04
  • Intern: Help index update
  • The maximum height of our select boxes under Edit (Article and Edit) has been increased by 100 pixels.
  • Job Edit: The standard select boxes have been replaced by our own select boxes incl. search field.
  • Internal: added javascript fix for the new jquery 3.6 for our own select boxes.
  • The overview page of our RSS feeds has been revised and integrated into the new framework.
  • The Job RSS feed is working again with current job offers.
Version: 20210406-06
  • The 'topics/categories' are now called topic tags and have been migrated to the new ArangoDB.
  • The theme overview is now running under the new framework and has been updated with a new overview of the tags and their urls. It has got a new URL: /tags/
  • All topics got new urls (/t/$tagname). So you can find e.g. Linux articles under /t/linux. An overview of the urls can be found in the new tag overview under: /tags/.
  • The theme detail page was revised, integrated into our new framework. The default time of each tag was set to 'any time'.
  • The Mordertors overview was revised and got a new URL: /moderators/
  • The moderator overview for contribution messages has been integrated into the new framework and slightly revised. It also got a new URL.
Version: 20210322-09
  • Small text changes for the article type when editing articles.
  • The article type 'General articles' can now also be marked as 'solved' (like questions). 'General articles' are assigned to the forum.
  • A 'solved' comment can now be reset to 'unsolved' by the author of the article.
  • Added the selection 'Dashboard' at Settings -> Login Behavior.
  • In your own profile there is now a link 'Dashboard' (next to Settings), so you can quickly switch to your dashboard.
  • Job detail: For own job offers, the number of calls is now also displayed.
  • Job Edit: Runtime information added.
  • Intern: Add maintenance for jobs
Version: 20210320-07
  • The job overview was updated and company logos were added.
  • The job search has been revised and is now significantly faster.
  • On the details page for comments that have been 'hidden', removed the user link if the user has signed out.
  • If a user with @ sign is addressed who has logged off in the meantime, his old user ID is now displayed instead of the original user name. This way, deleted users remain anonymous even when quoting.
  • General articles are now correctly counted and considered in the user statistics and points.
  • We have reduced the points in the point system for a job offer to 0.5.
  • Top teasers on the home page did not wrap properly if the title was longer than the images. This CSS error is now fixed.
  • The dashboard (in the member menu) has been revised and adapted to the new framework. Here you can find all the content you have written.
  • In the member profile we have generally removed the list view. Those who want a list view of their content can use the dashboard in the member menu. The list view was very rarely used.
  • Job offers do not appear in the profile for the time being. This has something to do with the database conversion MySQL->ArangoDB. We will revise the profiles in the future and add a new job overview to the profile after the DB conversion.
  • The print output of job offers is now realized via CSS @print and is no longer an extra print page.
  • The new jobs all got a new ID (these are now coming from ArangoDB). For the next 6 months both the old and the new IDs and links will work on the page.
  • Under 'Edit job' you can now add a logo.
Version: 20210129-02
  • Details page: Revised the reference for older articles.
Version: 20210128-06
  • The email confirmation process has been revised and improved.
  • The mail for confirming the email address has been improved.
Version: 20210127-01
  • We have completely disabled the detection of ftp links (ftp://) in the text parser. I don't think you should link to real ftp hosts here.
  • Fix a link Problem with deleted User in Quotes.
Version: 20210125-03
  • Fix a Problem on E-Mail Activation
  • Fix a RegEx Problem with our URL recognition in the text parser